Calvary Baptist Church Pastors

Our Faithful Pastoral Team

Pastor Robert Loggans

Robert Loggans was brought up in a Baptist pastor’s home and was saved on April 4, 1962, in Burlington, Wisconsin. While attending a youth rally in Croswell, Michigan, God called him to preach. Pastor Loggans graduated from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, Wisconsin. While attending Maranatha, he met his wife Pamela, and they were married on July 7, 1978. Bob and Pam have four children: Daniel and his wife Maegan and their twin daughters, son and youngest daughter (Karis, Khloe, Haddon and Kayla), Nicole and her husband Tim and their two sons and daughter (Logan, Blake and Avery), Lindsey and her husband Luke, and Nathan and his wife Jessica.

Pastor Loggans pastored Faith Baptist Church in Ruby, Michigan from 1982 to the fall of 1989 when the Lord led the Loggans’ family into full-time revival and evangelistic work. In 1993, Pastor Loggans returned to Maranatha Baptist Bible College where He served as Executive Vice President until the summer of 2000, when he accepted the pastorate here at Calvary Baptist.

Pastor Loggans has served for 20 years as Calvary’s Senior Pastor. His passion for ministry is seen through his expositional preaching of the Word of God, his personal interaction with the people of Calvary, and his love for the people of the Watertown community.

Pastor Loggans’ life verse is Psalm 40:8 “I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.”

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Pastor Dwayne Morris

Dwayne and Angela Morris were both saved at early ages: he in California and she in Indiana. They met in college, fell in love, and began their teaching careers, but have always had a heart for local church ministry. God placed them in several different churches throughout their years together in Illinois and Wisconsin, until God finally called them to Calvary Baptist Church.

Dwayne and Angela have a passion for today’s unsaved, unchurch teenagers. They love interacting with these teens about big questions like…is there a God, and how do you know, and what is God like, and why would you believe the Bible, and why would you believe in creation, and why does God allow suffering, and who really was Jesus? These teens need more than answers. They need real Christians, real models, and real love.

Dwayne and Angela also enjoy the Christian teen who is seeking to grow. They love Bible studies with teens in their home so they can dig deep into the word, have honest and open discussions, and enjoy bacon, or donuts, or ice cream together.

Angela’s a linguist. She loves working with English-as-second-language learners and seeks to weave the gospel into learning the American cultural experience. Dwayne’s a hunter. He loves taking teens to the rifle range for small talk that’s on target physically and spiritually. They both love mission trips. They’ve taken teens to Alaska, New York City, Seattle, and elsewhere so that teens can experience ministry up close and personal.

All in all they seek for teens at Calvary to embrace a simple but profound life philosophy which they have distilled into four key statements: (1) I am pursuing an authentic relationship with God because He is my creator and redeemer, (2) I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says in His word, (3) I exist every day to demonstrate God’s glory by loving broken people, and (4) I am committed to Christ’s church – my core group for community, fellowship, and ministry.

And as they serve, they seek to experience what Psalm 100 encourages: serve the Lord with gladness and come before His presence with singing.


Pastor Nik Richards

Nik was raised in a pastor’s home where, at a young age, he came to the realization that he was a sinner in need of a Savior. He has spent the majority of his life living in Watertown and has a deep-seeded passion for the people in his community.

It was here in Watertown where Pastor Nik met his high school sweetheart, Alicia. They have three children, Khloe, Kameron, and Kathryn.

Pastor Nik and Alicia have always recognized the important role of the local church and have desired to be used in whatever way they can. Since college, Pastor Nik and Alicia have been heavily involved in working with the youth and teen ministries at Calvary.

As the youth pastor, his desire is to meet the needs of the families and of the youth of Watertown. “I want to meet our teens where they are and see them grow closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ. I want our teens to come and feel comfortable asking questions about God and the Bible. God is so much bigger than our questions.” By the time our teens leave youth group, Pastor Nik’s goal is that they have a growing relationship with God, a Biblical worldview, and a desire to serve the Lord with their talents and gifts.


Pastor Randy Krystowiak

Pastor Krystowiak has over 30 years of experience in Christian education. Pastor K received his training from Bob Jones University and Andersonville Theological Seminary. His experience in Christian education has come from seventeen years in the classroom and now as an administrator in Christian schools since 2000. He and his wife Cathy have four grown children who are all serving in Christian ministries across the country.

Pastor K serves as the Christian school administrator and oversees all children’s ministries and the bus ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. He loves the daily interaction with the students and their families. Pastor K began his ministry at CBC during the summer of 2014. He and Cathy are excited to be actively involved in the ministries of CBC as they daily attempt to carry out the instruction of Ecclesiastes 12:13.