Outdoor Expo

Please join us for Calvary’s Annual Free Outdoor Expo!

March 23, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.

This year’s expo will feature great giveways, great food, vendors, and seminars for those that attend! Calvary’s expo is available to all ages. From those who have just begun hunting to those who are seasoned hunters and fishers, Calvary’s expo will provide great tips and great gifts that are beneficial to your hunting and fishing!

This year’s expoincludes the following vendors:

  • Wild Turkey Federation
  • Wisconsin Trappers
  • NRA and Heritage shooting Sports
  • Albertson’s Archery
  • Holz Motors
  • Columbus Sportsman Club
  • John’s Fly Tying and Calls
  • Cedar Creations
  • Fishing Now and Than
  • Grandpa Jake’s Lures
  • Jacobson’s Taxidermy
  • Watertown Archers NASP
  • Columbus Sportsman Club
  • Youth Sporting Opportunities

This year’s expo includes the following seminars:

  • Tuning you and your Bow W/ Ole Albertson Master Archer
  • Dog Training W/ Heather G.
  • DNR Warden Jacobson’s Taxidermy – Preserving your hides & skins for your taxidermist
  • Ross Crow Walleye Fishing & Coyote Hunting
  • Cooking Wild Game with Chef Augie Magestro

Expo Guest Speaker for Dinner: